Microsoft Announces New Bing and Edge Browser Powered by ChatGPT AI

Microsoft on Tuesday finally announces a brand new version of its Search Engine Bing and Edge Browser and it has everything to do with the ChatGPT. It is powered by an upgraded version of the same AI technology that underpins chatbot ChatGPT.

Yesterday, Microsoft hosted a surprise in-person Event at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington that reveals the latest generation of Bing, the Company’s Serch Engine, and Edge, the Company’s Web Browser. The next generation of Bing will use GPT to offer a new Chat Experience for people using the Search Engine.

The Company is calling the update as “New Bing” which will allow users to ask questions and receive answers from OpenAI’s technology. This new update will turn the Search into a Conversation that users can have back and forth with AI. The Company claims that Bing and Edge will together offer newer ways to experience the Internet.

Enter New Bing, and Edge Browser

According to Microsoft, Bing will answer all the questions directly and encourage users to be more creative. This time the Company has integrated with a new system called the “Prometheus Model” that will really improve the relevancy and provide answers that are most recent.

During the Event, the Company shows lots of demos to illustrate how New Bing is very different from the previous. One of these shows traditional Search Results side by side with AI Annotations while another mode lets users talk directly to the Bing Chatbot. It shows lots of examples of Searches querying Bing for recipes, Travel guides, and more.

In one of the demos, Bing was asked to create an Itinerary for each day of a 5-day trip to Mexico City. Surprisingly, Bing provides a rough itinerary alongside links to sources for more information. The best part is that new bing can also retrieve news about recent Events.

When People will be able to access the New Bing?

As per the reports, the New Bing is live for Desktop Limited Preview. However, it appears that users are only able to ask one query and receive the same results. It seems that there is a waitlist to sign up for full access in the future. It will be made available to users worldwide in the coming weeks to both desktop, and Smartphone users. All these features of Bing are powered by an upgraded version of GPT 3.5, an OpenAI language model that powers ChatGPT. The new bing can translate up to 100 languages.

Besides New Bing, Microsoft also brings two enhanced features for Edge. These are chat, and Compose that are embedded within the Edge’s Sidebar. Chat will allow the users to summarize the web page they are looking at and ask questions about its Content. Whereas, Compose will act as a Writing Assistant that will help you to generate text from an email and Social Media Posts. Users can ask Edge to compose LinkedIn posts with just a few prompts.

Moreover, Microsoft Edge comes with a new look, rounded corners, and a fluid UI. On the right side panel of the Edge, you will find a Chat interface of Bing. This will make it easier for users to navigate without the need to go to Bing.


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