How to set up Alexa’s hands-free feature on your Android smartphone

Smartphones from companies like OnePlus and Redmi now come with Amazon Alexa’s “Hands-free” feature built-in. But you can also download the Alexa app to get the feature on your phone. This will allow users to activate and use Alexa on their smartphones without touching it. This could be useful when driving, while cooking, during workouts, and any other time when you want to interact with Alexa without touching your device.

With Hands-free voice assistants, you can now do almost all things on your Android smartphone with just your voice. When you set up Alexa Hands-Free on your compatible Alexa Built-In phone, you can access Alexa by saying the wake word.

Guide to set up Alexa Hands-free Feature on your Smartphone

Step-by-step process to set up Hands-free Alexa on Android smartphones:

Step 1: Get the latest software update on your Android smartphone

To start the process of setting up Alexa hands-free on your Android smartphone. First of all, check if your smartphone is updated to the latest version of the software.

To check that Go to: Settings > System > System updates > Install.

Restart your smartphone.

Step 2: Download the Amazon Alexa App

Now, install the Amazon Alexa app from the Play Store by following these simple steps:

Open Google Play Store > Search for ‘Amazon Alexa’ in the top search bar > Tap “Download”.

If you already have the Alexa app and there’s an update available, tap “Update”.

Step 3: Complete the Alexa Hands-free setup

Sign in to the Alexa app using your free Amazon ID, or create a new Amazon ID and follow on-screen instructions to set up hands-free.

Alternatively, Go to Alexa app Settings. On the Alexa app > ? More > Settings > Alexa on this phone > Alexa Hands-Free, and toggle Alexa Hands-Free ON and follow onscreen steps to complete set-up.

Once you are done setting up Alexa hands-free on your smartphone, you can use your voice to open popular apps by simply saying “Alexa, open YouTube” or “Alexa, open Instagram” and letting Alexa take care of the rest.

Once you are done setting up Hands-free on the Alexa app on your phone. You can get Alexa to open applications by saying, “Alexa, open Facebook”, or “Alexa, open YouTube”. It is also possible to search for destinations and navigate while driving, listen to music, find recipes, shop, and do many other things: all hands-free.

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