Google Play Pass: How to Get the Subscription-Based Service on Your Android Phone

Finally, the Google Play Pass is now available in India. It is a subscription-based service for Android devices that offers access to multiple applications and games on the Google Play Store without any advertisements on in-app purchases. In exchange, users have to pay a fixed monthly or yearly fee. The service is already available in 90 countries across the globe.

The subscription-based service is available at a starting price of Rs. 99 per month. Once subscribed, Play Pass offers access to a curated collection of apps and games that users can install on their devices. Google Play has a dedicated section from where users can access the collection of titles available under Play Pass. Subscribers to the service also have the ability to share their Play Pass subscription with up to five other family members if they have a Google family group.

Android users in India can subscribe to Google Play Pass by paying Rs. 99 a month or Rs. 889 a year. The service is also available with a one-month trial. Furthermore, you can get it under a prepaid one-month subscription at Rs. 109.

Google Play Pass Android System Requirements

It requires the device to run on Android 4.4 or above and have at least Google Play store app version 16.6.25. Moreover, users will need a valid payment method to sign up for the service.

How to get Google Play Pass on your Android phone

Before beginning with how you can get Google Play Pass on your Android phone, it is important to note that the service is currently rolling out in a phased manner and has not yet been available to all users in India. Google expects that this feature will be fully available in the next week. Go to Google Play and tap your profile icon from the top-right corner — next to the search bar.

  1. Tap Play Pass.
  2. Hit Get started on the introduction screen to proceed with the subscription to the Play Pass service. You can also get its annual subscription to save some money over getting the monthly plan on a recurring basis.
  3. Look at the total amount you need to pay and scroll down to read the terms of the service.
  4. Now, if all looks good to you, tap Subscribe to get the service activated on your account.
  5. Enter the password for your Google account and tap Verify to proceed.

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