Apple iOS 16.3 Users are facing iCloud Backup Issue after the Update

Recently tech giant Apple has rolled out its latest Software Update iOS 16.3 with lots of new features, and bug fixes. Sadly after this update, many users are facing issues with taking a backup of the data, iCloud Drive, and Photos. The issue seems to be related to a lack of two-factor authentication. Many users have complained about the issue in Apple Support forums and Reddit. However, not everyone is willing to enable this Security feature on their account.

Many users have complained about the issue and state that they are seeing a message stating “An Unexpected Error Occured, Please try again later” when they try to sync iCloud. So if you have not installed iOS 16.3 on your device then you should wait a little more. As apple stopped signing iOS 16.2 which means that once you have installed iOS 16.3 on your device you cannot downgrade.

Some reports suggest that two-factor Authentication is the main cause of the issue. However, there are also some reports of users experiencing the same problem despite two-factor authentication already being enabled. So one thing is quite clear the cause of the problem is something else.

Users found an iCloud Backup issue after updating to iOS 16.3

Many users explain that some of the features get automatically disabled once they updated their devices to iOS 16.3. Some of these features include iCloud Drive and iCloud backup. Some users might try to get help from Apple’s Support team but it seems that they are already aware of the issue. So we can expect the fix from the Company very soon.

Apple rolled out Advanced Data Protection in the U.S. in December 2022. Last Month, the iPhone maker announced that they are expanding its Advanced Data Protection option for users globally. The global rollout of this feature to other countries takes place on January 23.

On the other hand, Apple is planning to introduce a Premium Apple iPhone Ultra Series with an improved Camera, faster chips, and even better features.

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