Apex Legends Mobile will be launched on May 17, both iOS and Android users will be able to play the game

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale shooting games. Players will soon be able to play it on their mobile phones as well. Its mobile version Apex Legends Mobile has been in discussion for a long time. Now Electronic Arts And Respawn Entertainment have announced its launch date. The developer first introduced it in the year 2019 and now it is ready for launch after a long wait. The game will be launched this month itself. Read below to know about the launch date and the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Launch Date

Apex Legends Mobile is being launched on 17th May. This mobile game will be brought to both Android and iOS devices. The game has been available to download for all users since its launch on May 17. The game has been in beta for some time now. Beta testers recently reported that Apex Legends Mobile’s experience is similar to that of computers and consoles.

The company had already released the trailer of the game. It shows how the game will look and work on a mobile phone. Features like touch-based controls will be available in the game. Click on the link below to watch the trailer.

Like the original game, it will also be available for free to the players. The mobile version, apart from the PC and console versions, will start from next week onwards from Season 1. Let us tell you that the PC and console version is currently running on season 13. Apart from this, the mobile version of the game will also get many new features including new game modes and social tie-ins.

These players will get rewards

Apex Legends Mobile will also reward players who have pre-registered for it before its launch. Players will be able to download Apex Legends Mobile by visiting Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Also, from here they can also register for it. For this, they have to click on the register button.

The launch date of Apex Legends Mobile has been revealed. It will be done on 17th May. The game will be available for both iOS and Android users.

Apex Legends Mobile will be launched on May 17, both iOS and Android users will be able to play the game

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